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Hair Care & Hair Loss Services now available in Ontario for patients aged 18 - 40! 






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Take Action Today

Hair loss is common, but that doesn't mean you have to endure it. The sooner you start, the better the potential outcomes.

Uncommonly, hair loss is caused by a condition other than the typical female or male pattern factors. If this is suspected for your case, you will require in-person care (e.g. injections) and will be instructed to seek care at an in-person clinic.

Topical & Tablet Options

The best outcome always involves a comprehensive treatment plan. This can include personalized hair care recommendations, topical options and/or tablet prescriptions that your DermCafé MD team can discuss with you. 


You Deserve Real Care

We believe that your hair health deserves more than an anonymous subscription refill service.

Your hair care needs are unique, so your treatment plan should be too.

Our MD Hair Care Team focuses on hair in their medical practice, and they are excited to help you through this journey!

All live video visits are done by DermCafé's Board-Certified Physicians only.

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